Find your way around Manhattan

On a Map of Manhattan you can see that the city rests on a transparent grid of mostly straight, numbered streets and avenues that intersect. In general are all from north to south or from east to west.

In the middle of the island, a bit up is the huge Central Park.

Here are some facts:
• Fifth Avenue parts Manhattan between East and West.
• First Avenue is located far east at the East River side.
• Twelfth Avenue is on Manhattan’s west side close to Hudson River.

• Broadway is Manhattan’s most famous (and oldest) street and runs along the length of the whole island, from north to south.
• Avenue = streets running north to south.
• Street = numbered streets that run from west to east.

• Identification of most streets consists of a direction and a number
• The higher the number on the street, the farther north it is. Most often you describe an address like this:
13 East 12th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A.
Exceptions to this grid system exists. West Village is one of the city’s oldest neighborhood and it does not have the same logic. Therefore, it´s a little bit harder to find your way around there.

What happens if you get lost?
Always ask someone if you can´t find your way. Most New Yorkers are very helpful and knows how to help you the best possible way.