The Wrong Color Subway Map That Feels Just Right


In search of a creative challenge, David Heasty and his wife Stefanie Weigler who together run their Brooklyn-based design firm Triboro, chose “the most inappropriate colors they could think,” resulting in a series of striking colors across their new hand-crafted map of New York’s subway system.

Subway lines have traded their familiar shades for vibrant alternatives and for the rivers, parks and landmasses, we chose the most inappropriate and illogical colors we could think of, said the Design duo.

Triboro dubbed their creation the Wrong Color Subway Map..

According to the designers,
“Our goal was to offer a paradox of information design. We are suggesting a myriad of functional improvements to the way the subway has been presented in the past—improving on visual hierarchy, geographic accuracy and aesthetic harmony. Simultaneously we are subverting these improvements by swapping out all the ‘correct’ colors with ‘wrong’ ones, thereby challenging the accepted orthodoxies of information design.”

Both versions are available in the original 45”x58” poster size (the size of subway platform maps) to decorate your space, for just $180.

Subway Subway Subway Subway