Mitt New York

Mia Gahne lives in New York and is the author of the excellent and inspiring guide book “Mitt New York”

Why did you move to New York?
Because I fell in love with the city first time I came here fifteen years ago, and kept coming back a couple of times a year. It became harder to leave every time I was visiting, almost like a physical pain. The thing I enjoyed the most was just doing normal everyday things, like going to the dry cleaner, riding the subway, have my scrambled eggs at the same place every morning where everyone knew my name. I decided that I really, really wanted to be able to do that ”for real”. Eventually I did, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Mention 3 of your favourite places in New York
Hudson River Park
– I live close to the river, and there are few things I enjoy more than a morning walk or run along the piers. So much to look at, so many people to watch and I’m still amazed that there are actual sailing boats in the middle of this gigantic city. I also quite like the New Jersey skyline and criss-crossing the commuters going to work from the river boats. At dinnertime I highly recommend the boat Grand Banks at Pier 25 for oysters, seafood and an amazing sunset.

Great Jones Café – My home away from home. I go here at least once a week to hang out, eat som really nice and affordable cajun food and listen to the music from the best jukebox in the Western hemisphere. Staff is super nice and the atmosphere is very relaxed and enjoyable.

Coney Island – I just think it’s a great place, especially a little bit off season when things are starting to cooling down. Fly a kite, watch people dancing on the boardwalk, feel the breeze from the ocean… I don’t actually do the amusement park stuff, I just like the vibe. And Paul’s Daughter has the best lobster roll in the city, as far as I’m concerned.

What are you most passionate about?
Food, food and food. A big part of my life is about food. I work as a food writer, food stylist and cookbook author and was born with a big appetite for trying new stuff and exploring the wonderful world of flavours. There is no better place for doing just that than New York City. You can make a culinary trip around the world in just a few subway stops. One of the advantages of living in New York is also to have a kitchen of my own to cook in. I Love going to my local Greenmarket and get fresh produce and make it come alive back in the apartment.

What is your advice to someone who wants to succeed in New York?
Dream big and make it work. Embrace people. It might sound as a cliché but anything is actually possible in this town. As long as you believe in yourself and are prepared to work hard, you can make it happen. But you also have to allow yourself to open up to strangers and remember to appreciate the people around you and help others out, then they will be there for you forever.

Mention something weird that you’ve experienced in New York
When waiting for someone in Midtown, I suddenly noticed a true Johnny Depp lookalike came up from the subway, all dressed up as his Pirates of the Carribean character. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the office workers’ lunchtime rush. Only in New York, kids. Only in New York.

What do you like best about New York?
People watching. It’s by far my most favourite thing to do around here. It doesn’t matter where you do it, you’re gonna see all kinds of characters, styles and faces. This truly is the melting pot of the world. I believe that that is one of the reasons so many different cultures like it here, everyone feel like they belong, no matter where they came from.

Describe New York with 3 words
A technicolor adventure.

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Mia Gahne