Sophie TillquistToday we present Sophie Tillquist in our series with New Yorkers…

1. What do you do in New York?
My family and I moved here when our son was 4 months, so for the first year I was home with my son Hugo. Now, the second year, I’ve started up my blog and I’ve been studying at FIT to keep my brain active and to deepen my knowledge about my profession as a fashion buyer.
At the moment my visa doesn’t allow me to work here, but we are
applying for a green card. Keep you fingers crossed…

2. For how long have you been living in New York?
It’s 2 years in October.

3. How do you live in New York?
My husband Daniel, my son Hugo and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment in the West Village. The first year we lived in Midtown next to the entrance to
the Lincoln Tunnel. It was horrible. We found the apartment before moving to NY and was seduced by the view – it was on the 36th floor with a magical view over downtown Manhattan.
After 2 months we realized that the view didn’t quite make up for the constant traffic and non-existence of parks and nice people. When we moved downtown, it was like coming home.
I will never leave this area as long as we live in NY

4. Why New York?
My husband, who is a photographer, joined an agency here. Both my husband and I have lived abroad in our mid twenties – Daniel in Melbourne and I in London – and both of us dreamed of living in New York at some point in our lives. New York is the city of all cities.

5. Mention 3 of you favorite places in New York
Washington Square Park – there’s always something going on here. The chess players, the guy that has doves all over him, the break dancing dudes. Great playgrounds too.
Integral Yoga Food Store – fantastic food store with only organic food and a juice bar
Gallow Green – rooftop restaurant on the top of McKittrick Hotel.

6. What do you love to do in New York on your free time?
I love our neighborhood, so we mostly walk around in our area, go to Washington Square Park, sometimes to Central Park. My husband and I try to go out to eat once a week, always to a new place since there are so many to choose between.

7. Mention something weird that you have experience in New York
A woman that was really upset with me when I walked with the stroller. I guess she tried to walk pass me and I kept going to the left and right since I met people and I can’t exactly run them over. She passed me and screamed: STAY STRAIGHT WITH THAT THING!! STAY STRAIGHT!  It took me a while to realize that it was me she meant, and I started giggling. I looked over to the left, and a guy looked at me, laughing shaking his head. That’s the thing. There is nasty people here too, but the nice people tend to join and laugh everything off when things happen.

8. What is the best with New York?
The people. The diversity. The limitless atmosphere. The in-your-face attitude this city has. You have to be tough, but the people here are so good at being friendly, giving you a smile when walking past, giving compliments to your child. I love that people aren’t afraid of reaching out to a stranger. It makes this big city feel safe in a way. It has a big heart.

9. Describe New York with 3 words
A limitless and entertaining rollercoaster!

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