Søren Rose Kjær
Today we present designer Søren Rose in our series with New Yorkers.

1. What do you work with in New York?
We work with high end residential projects, we do both architectural and interior services for our clients. Currently working on an apartment on Park Ave, a house in Brooklyn and a house on Long Island.

2. For how long have you been living in New York?
After starting Soren Rose Studio 3 years ago in Copenhagen I decided to open a branch in New York and moved here, it works really well to have a team in two places.

3. How do you live in New York?
We live in TriBeCa in a very open loft apartment, besides my wife and I we have 3 kids.

4. Why New York? (maybe a silly question….!)
I founded a New York based photography archive in 2006 called Trunk Archive which brought me here every month years, at some point I got tired of commuting between Denmark and the US and decided to move here.

5. Mention 3 of you favorite places in New York
Only 3… Smith & Mills is my favorite bar, Love having lunch at Tiny’s and SOHO House is always a winner.

6. What do you love to do in New York when you don´t work?
I’m actually a big outdoor fan, i participate in a lot of bicycle races like the Five Boro race, I go hiking when ever I have the time, Catskills around Woodstock is among my favorite areas. And than I’m drawing on a AirStream silverbullet project with the dream of traveling around the states in the future. It’s interesting to do a minimalistic scandinavian interpretation of an motorhome.

7. Mention something weird that you have experience in New York
I was meeting a friend at Mercer Hotel and there was this Hollywood actress having lunch with her agent and assistant, we were maybe eye stalking them a little to obvious, suddenly the assistant got up and walk to our table, and informed us that her boss really liked my furniture, I didn’t see that coming.

8. What is the best with New York?
There is constantly something going down in this city, I love the diversity of the people who live here, the openness and the fact that people start a conversation in the line for coffee, when I ride my bike I can get from mid town to downtown in 10 min while hundreds of cars are trying to cross the city, it’s really peculiar to me that New Yorkers haven’t figured out how cool it is to ride their bikes – maybe some day?

9. Describe New York with 3 words
A constant pulse!